Robert Rooks Biography Page 2014






Real Estate Career Beginnings    1973-1976    I began selling homes for a long defunct company called Carousel Realty.  I estimated at least one year before I would realize any steady success.  I was more surprised than anyone when I was an immediate success.  The first six months of my real estate career I listed twelve homes. By the end of the year I had twenty three sales under my belt.  Ironically, I didn't realize I was as successful as I was.  I think I was too busy working to think about success.  I went into the business with a background in investment property.  It was no surprise to anyone except me when I began listing and selling apartment buildings as well as commercial and industrial property.  I became more  interested in Residential Income Property.  I purchased more  Apartment Buildings as personal investments. This was the beginning of the first joint ventures, or  putting together  investments for  groups of investors.  I couldn't believe the successes we achieved.  The market was definitely carrying us.  The most important lesson I learned during these years was that we were not geniuses.  Regardless of our successes or failures the larger credit went to the market.  We were simply part of it.


Condominium Construction and Sales    1974-1976   During this period, along with partners, Robert
successfully built and sold 206 condominium units on the corner of Los Lomas and Idaho Streets in La Habra, California.  This significantly contributed to my sales skills.  I consistently sold 70% of the condominiums, realizing for the first time my love for sales.

This was a critical learning period for me.  I didn't realize the gift I was involved in.   We were making money and I looked at that.  During the period we were selling the condominiums I spend a year on the site.  This meant my office was located right there.  I had to develop sales technique that helped us get the condominiums sold.  Most of the "Scripts & Dialogues" that I share with you in the Saturday sales classes were learned, refined, and corrected at that time.


Apartment Specialization    1976 -1978  Associated with Wagner/Jacobson Apartment Brokerage Firm in Los Angeles, CA.  The premier Apartment Brokerage Firm at that time.  Developed educational seminars for consumers and investors.  Promoted to Vice-President, Sales Manager - Supervised and trained 85 Real Estate Licensees and Brokers to sell and manage apartment buildings in the Los Angeles area.


National Syndication and Marketing - 1977-1983 Associated with a firm called Cambio Realty & Investments in Fullerton, CA - expanded firm from 5 active apartment licensees/brokers to 35.  Supervised the purchase, grouping, exchange, management and maintenance of 5000+ units in California, Arizona and Texas.  Conducted training seminars in the use of the 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange,  Installment Sale, and Management of investment portfolios for interested licensees/brokers and investors.

We were literally writing the book on the 1031 IRC Tax Deferred Exchange and we didn't know it.  We were putting groups of investors into apartment buildings in California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico.  It wasn't long before our management business was as large as if not larger than our brokerage business.  We were managing in excess of 5,000 apartments, as well as a small number of commercial buildings by the end of 1983.  Then the man made recession.


Royer Investments  - 1983 -1991 Operated  a full service brokerage and management firm in Orange, California. General brokerage, apartment buildings, single family homes, industrial properties, and commercial properties. Built six residential Income properties.  Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County,  San Bernardino County, and San Diego County.  Groups of investors were placed in tenant-in-common investments.  These all worked well.  The economy balked again.  Two of my partners had serious economic setbacks. 

Created & Operated Robert Rooks & Associates   1991-Present.  Operate a full service brokerage and management firm.  General Brokerage, single family homes, apartment buildings, shopping centers and industrial properties.  Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County as well as San Bernardino County.  This is still a currently active and profitable company.

Training Director Mulhearn Gallery of Homes    1997-2000 Educated and Trained and supervised the training of newly licensed real estate licensees for the Mulhearn Gallery of Homes as an Independent Consultant.  This involved the training of two hundred or more licensees per year for three years.  This was an interesting respite.  I learned I didn't want restrictions on my training efforts.

Sales-Manager Hacienda Heights    2000 - 2001   Recruiting, training and supervising real estate licensees and practitioners at the Mulhearn TPA office.  This Worked alright but offered no real challenge.


Owner Partner San Pedro Office of American Mulhearn Realty     1997-2000    Co-ventured with the Mulhearn Companies in a one half ownership interest in a Residential/Commercial real estate office at San Pedro, CA


Appraisal Background & Experience   1976 - Present    -    Licensed California    -    Appraisal background in Residential, Business Opportunities, Residential Income and Shopping Centers. Have conducted approved classes in every aspect of appraisal, Beginning - Intermediate - Advanced.  All appraisal classes are approved for upgrading of licenses/certifications and continuing education.

Department of Real Estate Licensee Proctor   1996-2000    Instrumental in arranging for California Department of Real Estate choosing to hold and have the Cerritos Real Estate Department conduct licensing procedures at the Cerritos College from 1996 through July 2000.

Real Estate Educator    1976-Present    Began training real estate salespersons and brokers at Wagner/Jacobson Apartment Brokers in 1976.  This involved making video films and conducting classes in various aspects of listing, selling and managing apartment buildings and commercial properties.


Appraisal Educator        1990-Present    Began teaching Appraisal Classes at Cerritos College Community Education in 1990.  These classes were to prepare current appraisers to prepare for and take their state tests.  The classes met the State of California Educational requirements for California Appraisers.

These classes were continued until 2000 at the Cerritos College Campus.  During 1995 and 1996 these classes were also conducted, along with real estate classes, at West Los Angeles Community College through their Community Services Division.
Real Estate Trainer    I began training sales agents, appraisers, and property managers, along with students in all of the areas of the real estate  business.  People often ask me what the difference is between a real estate educator, and a real estate trainer.  A trainer teaches the student how the real estate business really works.  What do you really do when the appraisal doesn't come in, what do you really do when the buyer backs out.  How do you really handle a slow pay or no pay at an apartment building or a commercial or industrial rental site.  What really happens when someone changes their mind about selling a property three days before the escrow is to close?  How do you answer the telephone?  How do you hold an open house to insure that your open house is generating more business. How do you talk to a for sale by owner, why is it better for a for sale by owner to deal with you, why does the seller always make more when they use the brokerage community to sell their property?  That's part of what a trainer does.


Cerritos College Community Education   1987-2000    Started conducting continuing education classes at the Community Education Division of Cerritos College in 1987.  This lead to assignments in the regular division of the real estate department in 1996.

Culver City Community College Community Education   1995-1997  Conducted appraisal and real estate classes at Culver City Community College for Appraisers and Real Estate practitioners.

Cerritos College Business Division/Real Estate Department     1996-2004  Began teaching Introduction to Real Estate Software in the regular division at Cerritos College in 1996.  This grew to include Real Property Management, Appraisal,  Advanced Appraisal, USPAP, Escrow, Practices, Pre-License, Intern Programs, Law, Finance, and Advanced Finance.

Member  California Association of Realtors 1974-Present    Joined and participated in the ongoing evolution and political well being of consumers by maintaining my alliance with the California  Association of Realtors.

Member National Association of Realtors    1974-Present    Upon licensing joined and participated in the implementation of desirable statutes at the national level.  Supported and participated in creating and maintaining property owner rights and representation both at the State and National levels.

Real Estate License    December 1973    Received my first Real Estate License in California on December 23, 1973.  Began practicing Real Estate as a full time occupation in January 1974.

Real Estate Broker License     August 1977 Applied for and took examination for Real Estate Brokers License in 1977. Have maintained and practiced real estate on a full time basis since 1974.

California Real Estate Educators Association    1995    Became aware of and joined the California Real Estate Educators Association in 1995.  I have participated, at my own expense, at most of the three annual state functions since joining that worthwhile organization. I still belong to this organization and I currently enjoy the position of Vice-President Southern California Region. 

Elected Board of Directors CREEA  in February 2002 Rob was elected a member of the California Real Estate Educators Association.  This is a position that he still enjoys.  This Association involves the direction and maintenance of real estate education in the state of California.  Rob works hand in hand with the California Real Estate  Chancellors' Office in accomplishing what is thought to be the best avenues of pursuit for superior education for the real estate community.

2002 Began a Good Year  turned out to be an exemplary year.  I re-analyzed where I was going and what I was doing.  I sold two businesses to minimize my scheduling.  The year was successful from a sales standpoint with thirty closed sales for the year. 

El Camino and Compton College 2003  Accidentally, as usual, I was asked to help find an instructor for the El Camino College at Torrance, and  the Compton College at Compton.  My failed attempts to find instructors to fill those positions led to me filling in for those semesters.  It turned out that the acceptance of these assignments was one of the grateful events of my life.  I was able to see two completely different operations at the community college level.  Most I met some of the most responsive, enjoyable  students I have ever had the privilege to educate and coach.  I hope both of these involvements end up as long term commitments for me as well as  these two colleges.

2003 and present.  Mr. Rooks is still actively involved as a Real Estate Broker.  He actively manages and/or co-manages three different real estate offices as well as two real property management companies.  He remains personally responsible for the management of 400+ apartment units.  While he was responsible for more than 56 real property sales in 2002 he personally sold 30 of these  properties, but with the able help of two wonderful assistants. Currently Mr. Rooks has four escrows set to close as we enter the Spring of 2003.  With a keen interest in Real Property Appraisal he does between two and four appraisals each month to make certain he is currently aware of and a part of the immediate appraisal industry.  Teaching assignments in the Spring of 2003 were in the nature of the normal at Cerritos College, but assisting at El Camino with an Appraisal Class of wonderful students, then Compton College had an instructor quit in mid-semester and I was privileged to be the instructor chosen to take over the Appraisal Class and the Real Estate Law class.  I am currently an advisor on the Compton College Advisory Committee.  The El Camino assignment and the Compton assignment have turned out to be the inspiration and love of the my Spring of 2003.


I was able to get two schools approved for "THE USPAP" classes, Cerritos and El Camino Colleges.  I still have to get my USPAP Certification for teaching but was able to find an extraordinary instructor in the guise of Bruce Legg.  Bruce had already gotten his USPAP Certification and is well on his way to becoming a very contributive instructor.  As I end the month of May I have to thank my lucky stars, once again, for a very wonderful year.  This year 2003 will prove one of the best years yet.  The probability of having several appraisers in training in a separate company, as well as the management and brokerage involvement, 2003 will be the most fruitful, productive years to date.

Summer of 2003 - Cerritos graduated a little less than 200 students from the two Principles classes and the two Pre-License classes.  It was my pleasure to teach both Principles classes and one of the Pre-License classes.  More than 60% of the graduates were successfully placed in real estate offices.

Fall of 2003 -  I was asked to, and accepted, two classes of Principles at El Camino College, as well as an Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal Class.  I gratefully continued to teach Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal, Real Property Management, and an Introduction to Real Estate Computers at Cerritos College, as well as an Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal Class at Compton College.  I have approximately 320 students this semester.


October 24, 2003 - unanimously elected Vice-President of the California Real Estate Educators' Association.  This should be a more than welcome challenge.  Membership and direction of that organization has fallen over the last seven years.  I anticipate increasing the membership and contributions of that group.

December 2003 - As this year comes to a close there are more celebrations than regrets.  We lost Lowell Anderson, that was a great personal loss to me.  We graduated in excess of 2,500 real estate related students in three Community Colleges during 2003.  In October I began writing real estate test questions for the on-line real estate training company called Learning Express.

Spring 2004 - This year begins with an Appraisal Class at Compton College, the task of getting the Chancellor's Scholarships active at Compton. El Camino Community College asked me to teach an Advanced Finance Class. This was a very exciting prospect for me. I had never anticipated teaching such a class but it dawned on me that when we were putting groups of investors into real estate investments we were actually writing the book on advanced finance. El Camino College asked me to teach an Advanced Appraisal Class as well.  This was an exciting proposition because I have always believed that an advanced class should include  a field appraisal of income producing property, as well as the class completing an appraisal on income property.  Currently we are planning on that class doing an appraisal on four plex in Anaheim.  This is an opportunity I have waited to repeat for about five years.  I'll be able to share the finance techniques, investment techniques, and evaluation techniques that we used when we were doing Tenant-In-Common Investments, and Limited Partnership investments across the United States.  2004 will be a very good year. As I write this additional opportunities are making themselves available.  Time permitting  it looks as if a company is on the horizon to begin doing group investments and rehabilitation of dilapidated properties again.

Early Summer 2004 Began doing more appraisals in March.  Trying to direct this into rotating three or four Intern Appraisal Students in one year training programs.  June should have summer school classes, Private, in Principles, Practices, and Appraisal.  The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices "The USPAP" will be taught by Bruce Legg in June.

The Principles Classes will be presented using an eight week  rotation system, class 1, class 2, class 3, etc. through class 8, then class 1 again, if a student misses a class they can repeat that class when the rotation repeats it. 

The Practice Class will be taught with a real office agenda in mind.  One week will be paper work, Agency Agreements, Listing Agreements, etc., the next week will be how to hold an "Open House", scripts and dialogues will be practiced and perfected.  We have known in the industry that this is what works.

The Appraisal Class will be more practical, more field work, with attention to preparation for passing the appraisal test.  This will be one of the best classes in the United States for preparing students for the appraisal profession.


END SUMMER 2004 -  Summer was a great deal more successful than anticipated.  I started the summer worried about there being an ample number of Real Estate Principles Classes and wondering just what to do.  Like magic, I found a way to get the Principles Class scheduled, filled and running.  The next thing I knew I had several requests for Summer Appraisal Classes.  This was something that I had thought of in the past and concluded it would be too brutal for a 6 week or an 8 week class.  Wrong again, the class was VERY SUCCESSFUL, with ample field work and the entire class ready to take the Trainee Exam.  Then, as if enough wasn't going several people wanted me to teach the Real Estate Practices Classes with in-depth scripts and dialogues.  I was able to get that approved and we had an 8 week Practices Class.


Thirty years of real estate and still learning very rapidly.  The lesson has to be try it, with enough enthusiasm you will likely be successful.  I can't help but remind myself periodically of Roger Bannister and the 4 minute mile.  No one could run the 4 minute mile.  Roger Bannister finally managed it and what next - people in every country were running the four minute mile.

The beauty in this Summer effort is that more than 50 students have successfully passed either the Real Estate Sales test or the Appraisal Test.


FALL 2004 -  The appraisal class at Compton College started in August and was full before we had our first class.  Compton College, as most Community College Real Estate Departments are at record enrollments.  Compton Appraisal Class has 30 enrollees.  This is the largest appraisal class ever at Compton College.  El Camino College is overbooked in every class.  My Appraisal Class at El Camino has 90 students.  This creates problems with field appraisals.  Most appraisal classes do not do field work, but I don't want to give that up as it is the strongest point in any appraisal program.  This is the reason most of my appraisal students are working appraisers.  The Principles Class at El Camino is at 65 students.  This is a comfortable atmosphere when you have the classroom experience necessary to handle the overload.

Private Classes are overflowing as well.  The advantage of the private class is being able to immediately address problems, arranging classes to meet the demands, and the absence of complicated administration.

Failure Factors at 50% Plus, for real estate sales tests, real estate brokers tests, and all five of the appraisal tests.  The problem starts in the classroom, and with the text books.  The text books are not all "teaching to the test", and the instructors, many novices, simply haven't learned to get the students ready for testing and ready for participation in the industry.

This creates a gigantic  educational need.  The need is special test preparation classes for students who are having problems passing the tests. I have created study groups and classes to handle preparing these students for the tests.  The success of the students who have completed these classes is 97%.

The end of 2004 approaches with the fact of private real estate education becoming the preferred method of preparing our future realtors.  Private classes are less expensive, faster, and all with greater success rates.

The end of 2004 found the education industry extremely lacking in their ability to prepare the students for the state tests for real estate and real estate appraisal.  My students were doing well.  Several Community Colleges and Private schools, the internet trained, and distance learning people were have great difficulty passing the exams.  Real Estate Sales a 52% Failure Factor, Broker examinations 57% failure factors, Appraisal Exams 52% failure factors.  After examining the problem a series of test study classes were formed and held on Saturday afternoons.  These three hour classes proved to be the answer to the dilemma.  Passing rates soared.


Spring 2005 I have definitely decided to spend more time appraising, less time teaching and less time managing.  The year is starting out with a bang.  I have had a long term desire to create an appraisal learning or internship circle.  This will be a fact by the end of February 2005. Still I have three classes at El Camino Community College in Torrance, and One Class at Compton Community College.

April 2005  Prudential of California, with whom I have had a long association was having problems getting their North Long Beach Office up and running, I agreed to host fourteen training classes, beginning on April 2, 2005, for 14 weeks.  This has worked out spectacularly.  That office has currently added fourteen agents and their volume is $5,200,000 for the first 10 days of May.

Summer 2005 Compton College is piloting an off campus program that will include an eight week Principles Class and an eight week Finance Class.  I will be teaching the eight week Principles Class at the Long Beach Prudential Office, the Finance Class will be taught by Kirk Mulhearn.  Additionally, I will be teaching a Practices Class at El Camino College.

Europe for Summer 2005.  Having neglected European travel for several years, Maureen and I decided it was time to visit Ireland.  We still have a considerable number of identifiable relatives in Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, and France.  Ireland will have to do for two weeks in August.  Then back to business, my favorite pastime. 


Ireland was wonderful -  the best trip yet.  We went on a tour for 6 days, kept us running but we saw a lot.  The group we were with was extraordinary.  The last 8 days we were off on our own.  Visited relatives in Kilkenny City, and Cork.  We hated to come back, could have stayed two more weeks.  One of these Summers, probably 2007, I am going to talk Maureen into staying the whole Summer. We want to go to France and Italy in the Summer of 2006..


Fall 2005  Fall begins with the Prudential Sales Classes being recreated after my European adventure.  These classes are generating between 25 and 40 students at each sessions.  They are powerful, the students that take them get a real head start in the business.  El Camino College has me teaching two Real Estate Principles classes and one Practices Class. All of my classes have in excess of 60 students.  Compton College has me teaching two classes, Appraisal on Monday evenings for the entire semester, and they have requested an October Class in Principles at the Long Beach Prudential office.  The Failure Factor for real estate sales is 54%, and for real estate brokerage, 60%.  My students have been passing without any problems, but I have been using Tom Felde's test book, which seems to be the magic trick.  A Trip to Orlando, Florida in October I couldn't believe a fully compensated trip to Disney World, compliments of Ziad Alhassan, the owner of 6 automobile agencies in West Covina, California.  What a wonderful gift and surprise.  Then the condos at Oceanside for Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas.


December 2005  As 2005 comes to an end I find myself, once again, thanking God for another wonderful year.  Thanksgiving and the week after Christmas have been booked at the condominiums at Oceanside.  As usual my blessings have been the people in my life.  My family first of all which continues to grow, my students which I have the absolute pleasure of watching grow into successful, confident, business people.  These students will be wonderful contributions to our society and our great country, as well as having realistic confidence in themselves.  My clients as I see them progress to greater and greater heights of success, but more than success in business for all of us is the constant realization of a happiness, in this life, through real self satisfaction as well as monetary growth.  One wonderful experience I had, this Fall, was teaching a Real Estate Principles Class at the Inglewood One Stop, a Satellite location for El Camino College.  I hope ECC is able to expand that location to the wonderful educational opportunity that it should be.  The One Stop is Staffed with extraordinary people who everyone should meet.


I have to stop and ponder my exceptional luck at having the wonderful, contributive, students that I had the pleasure of teaching, coaching, and mentoring at El Camino College, Compton College, and Prudential of California in the Real Estate Practice Classes, the Principles Classes, the Appraisal Classes, and the Escrow Class, not to mention the wonderful success we have had with the sales class. I can see that the success achieved by so many of these students will lead to degrees in business and many other desirable fields.  I am confident the day will come when well over 30% of my students have functional Masters Degrees and Doctorates.

The New Year. Compton College, in an effort to expand their satellite classes, asked me to teach a 6 week Real Estate Management Class at the Prudential Long Beach site.  This class will begin on January 4th and end on February 8th.  The class will be held Monday through Thursday evenings from 5:30 through 7:40.  This should be a better than expected offering in that I taught Real Property Management at Cerritos College for 10 years or more, and that I have been involved in Real Property Management since I was fourteen.  This is certainly a wonderful contribution to Compton College's real estate educational efforts.  El Camino has contractually  asked me to teach Advanced Finance,  Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal, and Advanced Appraisal. Compton College will repeat the Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal on Monday Evenings.


Total academic and training classes, for the Fall 2005,  have found 300+ students to have successfully passed through my real estate and appraisal classes.  That makes an approximate total for the year of 780 students.  That's gratifying.


January 2006 Winter Intersession - Compton College offered a "Real Property Management Class' over the 6 week period.  Twenty sessions Monday through Thursday - I was concerned with the ability of the students to absorb the content in so short a time.  Ironically it worked, almost as well, as a full semester class.  everyone completed the course with a good deal of additional, and usable, real estate information.


Spring Classes 2006 - Compton will offer the Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal beginning on the 27th of February.  El Camino College will offer Advanced Finance on Tuesday evenings, Introduction to Appraisal on Wednesday evenings, and Real Estate Principles on Thursday evenings.  This semester turned out to be really progressive.  The appraisal classes actually had five field exercises where they appraised three different single family homes.  I have always been frightened of having beginning appraisal students draw two story houses, the perfect two story fell into our laps, the students did extremely well.

Compton College Lost its' State Accreditation.  El Camino took over the management of Compton College, which meant I had to decide which college I would teach at, I wasn't allowed to teach at both.  I chose El Camino for many reasons, but sadly left my efforts at Compton unfinished.


Prudential of California, Bixby Knolls, started a "Real Estate University" in the later part of February.  The classes offered will be Real Estate Principles for California licensing, and Real Estate Practices for successful real estate operations in the offices.


Book Editing I am currently editing 1,600 real estate test questions for Dearborn Publishing, a subsidiary of Kaplan Publishing.  This is exciting because it makes me more aware of the attempts by many authors to write state examination questions, more, I can apply this information, handily, to my principles students as well as my appraisal students. 


Summer Classes 2006 - El Camino College sponsored a Real Estate Principles Class  for the first 6 weeks of Summer.  I am continuing with the Private Real Estate Principles class at Long Beach on Saturday mornings.


Fall 2006 - This could be a very interesting semester.  El Camino College is sponsoring a Real Estate Practices Class that is ONLINE.  Additionally I will teach Introduction to Appraisal, and Advanced Appraisal.  Compton College is having two Appraisal Classes.  One on Monday evenings, and one on Wednesday afternoon.  Compton is fighting for their life, I hope they make it, Compton needs a Community College if for no other reason to inspire the residents, give them pride, and help them achieve a higher level of education.  I believe they will make it.  What the really need is a very dedicated President.


College Courses Taught for Community Colleges 2007

Winter Intercession 2007 -  El Camino College had me teach a Winter Intercession in Real Estate Principles.

Spring 2007 - Real Estate Appraisal and Advanced Real Estate Finance

Summer 2007 -  Real Estate Practices at El Camino each evening for six weeks.

Fall 2007 - Fall brought some welcome academic surprises.  I taught an On-Line Principles class, Real Estate Finance, and Real Estate Appraisal.


Prudential Classes Expanded because of the new state requirements for real estate licensing.  These private efforts now involve a Saturday morning Real Estate Principles class, a Saturday afternoon Practices Class, and a Monday evening Finance class.


Enter The Year 2008

Winter Intercession 2008 - I am scheduled to teach my second Winter Intercession class at El Camino in January.  This proved a really worthwhile endeavor last year.  I am looking forward to the five week class.


Spring 2008 -  El Camino has scheduled me to teach an On-Line Real Estate Finance class, a Real Estate Practices class, and an Introduction to Real Estate Appraisal class, this will be the first appraisal class using the new OREA guidelines.


Summer 2008 - Taught Summer Principles then remainder of Summer at the Oceanside Condominium with the family.  Went to Rhode Island and visited Maureen's relatives, spent a week at the ocean on the East Coast.  Most enjoyable time.


Fall 2008 - Prudential closed the Bellflower Office so we opened AVD Realty Group at the Bristol Office.  Not long after we get word that Bristol is going bankrupt, they did, and we joined American Capital.  There will be a lot of work to do at this new office.  I've started several new offices and they always succeeded.  This market is getting really tight but I think I can get this office off the ground and profiting.


Fall El Camino Classes 2008 - Appraisal, Finance, and Principles a really good semester with really great students.  I do believe I enjoy my students more now than I did in the past.


Thanks Giving 2008 - I have such a wonderful family how could Thanksgiving, or any other day be less than welcome. The whole family gathered as usual.


Christmas Eve 2008 - Spent Christmas Eve, the whole family, with the Gionnconnelli's.  We have known them forever and been asked every year since before I can remember.  We had the most enjoyable time.  All the kid's and Grandkids where there.


Christmas 2008 -   Big as usual.  Everything seemed to have gotten more than they asked for and certainly I got more than I deserved.


New Years Eve 2008 - Mom and I usually go to Oceanside to the Condominium but we decided to stay home this year.


January Intersession - Cancelled because of budget fears at the college.


Spring Semester 2009 - Booked two classes, then got bumped for one.  Ended up teaching Appraisal only.  Was a wonderful, responsive class that made the semester most enjoyable.  Almost all new students.


AVD Realty is really going well.  All new agents but everybody has an escrow going.  The old agents are doing well and the new agents are doing well.  Had a buddy comment that there is only one Bellflower Office that is closing more than we are.


Summer 2009 -  Same Bustle but we've cut way back on activities.  No beach this year.  The grand kids are having a difficult time understanding that but are taking it quite well.  They keep telling me that the really like the beach.  They seem to think that I think they don't really like it and that's why we didn't go this year.


Early Fall 2009 - Margie the Board of Realtors had emailed me that they would be short members for the Board of Directors.  I agreed to run for a spot, something I should have done years ago, and won.  I'll be a member of the Board of Directors for Rancho Southeast Board of Realtors in Cerritos.  This will be very helpful to the business at AVD and the agents at AVD.  I really should have done this in the past but have purposely avoided it.  I'll be a Director for 2010. 

Fall 2009 - Got all the real estate classes filled.  Used my usual methods.  The market is actually up.  The school doesn't fully realize that the market is up.  This makes them cautious, but all 10 classes are filled.  We won't be allowed to do On-Line Classes anymore, there are reasons but they are unmentionable.  I'm teaching just one class, Real Estate Finance.


Fall 2009 The Office AVD - We are screaming closing 8 to 12 escrows a month.  Offices are closing all around us and we're growing.  We've picked up a few agents from other offices and that has helped us and them.  The new agents are all doing well.  That's always been a strange thing to me the fact that I can get new agents productive and successful.  I'm one of the very best at that and I have no idea what I do.

Fall 2009 Elected Board of Directors Rancho Southeast Board of Realtors.  This is something I should have done 25 years ago.  Well better late than never.


Spring 2010  year starts off with a bang, little slowing, but back in the saddle by August.  Got elected President to the Rancho Southeast Board of Realtors for 2012.  This means that I will be President Elect for 2011, President for 2012, and Past President for 2013.  I am really enjoying the involvement with the Board of Realtors.  It will involve some travel for those years to Sacramento, San Diego, and Washington D.C. ~ this is really a sterling crowd of Realtors to be working with.  Compton College called me back in August 2010, I'll be teaching three classes there, Appraisal, Practices, and Principles.


2010 Went without a great deal of fanfare.  All things were going as expected and a welcome 2011 should see even more prosperity.


2011 Began with a boom.  We continued to close 15 to 20 transactions monthly, that with the economy as it was better than expected.  In May of 2011 the Board of Realtors sent me to Washington D.C. as a representative.  Maureen went with me and we extended our stay in Washington as well as took a three day side trip to Williamsburg, Virginia.  We took the Amtrak across Virginia which was a very pleasing experience.  my Great Grandfather Rooks was in Hilliard's' Rifles with the Georgia Volunteers under General Anderson who was attached to General Lee.  I was able to slowly see the country side and small towns they had battled in from the train as we ambled across the state.  Dawn Marie, and Michael Woods, my Goddaughter and God-Son-In-Law met us at Williamsburg Train Station and we enjoyed their company there for the next two days.  While we were there we were able to visit with my cousin Richard Murphy who lives in Williamsburg with his wife Lynn.  Richard showed us the entire area, it was a very worthwhile extension of the D.C. trip.

Summer of 2011 took the kids and grandkids to the beach, Oceanside, California, for two weeks at the condo.  They love it there but we don't get down there enough anymore. During the vacation there our rent at the AVD Office Quadrupled from 55 cents a square foot to $2 a square foot.  We had approximately 1800 square feet.  That non-negotiable move took us from profitable to non-profitable.  I decided to close the office but didn't want to leave my agents in the lurch, we still has fifteen escrows to close in that company.  An old and dear friend, Bruce Mulhearn offered any of his office, so I moved all but two of the agents to the Carson Office.  I will rent space there with four of my agents as Robert Rooks & Associates.

Coming to the end of the year as I write this, December 20, 2011, I find my good fortune follows me pretty much wherever I go.  My mother once said when it looked like my end was near the greater and brighter future was always lurking four-fold at the next turn.

I'll be President of Rancho Board of Realtors for 2012.  This 2012 year will present a lot of challenges.  I have always looked forward to good challenges and battles so 2012 offers a great deal more than 2011.

2012 President Rancho Southeast Association of Realtors ~ the year is off to a great start, thought I was busy last year this year it seems like I'm driving most of the time, to a breakfast, luncheon, dinner or awards ceremony.  This will be the worst year for a Real Estate Association Presidency.  This is because all of the associations, including CAR and NAR are hurting for members and consequently income, reserve, and general economic stability.

We begin the year installing LeFrancis Arnold as CAR President for 2012 at Indian Wells, one of the most beautiful resorts and golf courses I've ever been on.  Our meeting schedule allows only brief looks at the resort.  Maureen is with me, there are things there for her to do which always makes my trip a bit more enjoyable.  The Association moves to a more respectable location from an economic point of view.  I like the new location better than the old location.

I'm teaching two classes at Compton and one at Torrance, both ECC Campuses, so I am on absolute overload.  Though I'm able to easily keep up the pace I can see by years end I will be glad I am the Past President.  Sacramento is a good legislative week, no Washington DC this year as the Association cannot afford any outside activities and Margie Board Director, feels travel for the president is one area to economize in.

Interestingly I use the Rancho Association  luncheons for students and their growth.  This works out really well for more productive, capable students, but tends to cause the other instructors pressure as I am able to afford two tables for the students and they don't normally attend these functions.
Still, for a recession year, 2012 goes very well.  I am pleased I ran for President of the Association but it makes for a very busy year and a less profitable year.

I become aware that there is a Los Angeles County Boards of Realtors and almost accidentally get myself elected as a Director.  Lot of work to do here as this once powerful arm of Los Angeles Real Estate has fallen into apathy for six or seven years. The Directors are good, the President, Jennifer Avalon, is great.  They need new blood and they need to reinstate old ideas along with implementing new ideas.  I know that I can make this happen as I have the resources with all of the productive Realtors that I know. 2012 comes to an end, the installation of the President, payed for by that president, is a grand party but I liked my more modest installation more.  The truth is that I am anxious to get out of the presidency and on with business.  The market is starting to BOOM!!!


2013 Presidential Duties Behind, happily, still Immediate Past President for 2013 with more modest involvement.  School starts with a boom and I get a class jumped by an accounting instructor who got a Brokers License on the to be defunct law that a Masters and some real estate classes will qualify you to teach real estate.  The reason he needs to jump the real estate class is because his accounting classes won't fill because he is considered a poor instructor by the students.  I book 35 legitimate students in a Principles Class at the Compton Center, a first, and he destroys the class, graduates five of them, the rest drop out and go to private schools.  The end of January the CAR Convention was held at Monterey Bay.  When the locations are interesting I take Maureen with me.  We took a side trip to Napa after the convention and visited Phyllis my middle sister for three days, a bit of luck as she died about three weeks after that.  May we had the annual Legislative day at Sacramento, that is always an enjoyable, but busy, convention.  I skipped Washington D.C. this year as I was getting to busy for these extended political events. With the diminished schedule I took the time to build three houses on some vacant land I had been holding.  Summer I taught Escrow at Compton Center, then took the family, grandchildren and all to Oceanside for two weeks,  Penthouse this year which finally afforded us ample room to please all of the participants.  Fall held a full Principles and Practices class at Compton Center.  I was surprised that each class had 30 students after the pirating of the Spring Class.  A school can lose its' reputation very rapidly with bad or inferior teachers. I am in line for President Elect of the Los Angeles County Boards of Realtors for 2014 and President for 2015.  These efforts take a lot of time away from regular business plus teaching robs you of a great deal of time.  The trick is to make them profitable, or cause them to contribute profitably to your regular business where you actually make money.  Thanksgiving was a great family hit, the fire pit and finished patios made the house a favorite.  The period from Thanksgiving through January involves me in approximately seven installations at Associations of Realtors and other groups that rightfully require my attention.  Christmas found us almost too busy but came off with the usual grandeur.  Finally we are approaching the beginning of 2014.  I'm going to make some serious business changes for 2014 for a myriad of reasons.


2014 Proves to be a dynamic year with greater rewards than are deserved by most.  This year I'll be the President Elect of the Los Angeles County Boards of Realtors ~ as the year opens up I can see that I am getting antsy to open another office, I think a little closer to home. I am continuing to teach at the Community College Level but have pretty well put Private Instruction behind me.  I am getting several requests to start private classes again which I am considering.  El Camino College changed their schedule of classes, eliminated Winter Intercession, and started classes on January 18, 2014.  This presented no problems for me but several instructors, three to be exact couldn't fill their classes.  This was partly because of their neglect and partly because the new class schedules were not properly advertised.  Nevertheless as I begin the year I can see that it will be dynamic, that we will lose some people who were borderline to begin with, but all and all this should be the best year since 2007-08.