Real Estate Finance

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Secondary Market
Chapter 3
 Sources of Funds Primary Market
Chapter 4
Secondary Market and Credit
Chapter 5
 Federal Regulation &

Consumer Protection
Chapter 6
State Regulations
Chapter 7
Finance Instruments
Chapter 8
The Loan Process
Chapter 9
Conventional Loans
Chapter 10
Alternative Financing
Chapter 11
FHA and VA Loan
Chapter 12
Seller Financing
Chapter 13
Qualifying the Borrower
Chapter 14
Qualifying the Property
Chapter 15
 Finance Mathematic
Chapter 16
 Cal Vet Loans
Chapter 17
Cal Vet Loans
Chapter 18
Escrow Procedures
Mid-Term Examination Final Exam A - Finance  2014
 Realtor Code of Ethics Mathematics for Realtors
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