Robert Rooks Real Estate Appraisal
Chapter Outlines & Practice Tests 
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Chapter 1 R.E. Appraisal & You  
ZIP Chapter 1  
Chapter 2Legal Considerations
ZIP Chapter 2
Chapter 3 Formal Appraisal   
ZIP Chapter 3
Chapter 4 The Neighborhood
ZIP Chapter 4
 Chap ter 5 Economics of Appraisal 
ZIP Chapter 5
 Chapter 6 Site Inspection     
ZIP Chapter 6
  Chapter 7 The Improvement
ZIP Chapter 7
 Chapter 8 Sales Comparables
ZIP Chapter 8
 Chapter  9 Adjusting Comparables  
ZIP Chapter 9
 Chapter 10 Site Valuation
ZIP Chapter 10
Chapter 11  Cost Approach  
ZIP Chapter 11
 Chapter 12 Depreciation
ZIP Chapter 12
Chapter 13  Income Approach
ZIP Chapter 13

Tamcliff Avenue Drawing

Howard Avenue Drawing
  Purposely Left Vacant   Appraisal  Math Practice
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